Holidays in Prague

Holidays in Prague - the dream of every tourist. It is a city that impresses medieval architecture and modern facilities. Here an amazing atmosphere of grandeur, luxury, hospitality.

A tour to Prague for the weekend seeking tourists from different countries. Plan your vacation in the Czech Republic can be different: museums, of which there are many, or wander a maze of the Old and New Town, take a car trip to Prague or go magical streets of Mala Strana.

Prague - a very romantic city. Palaces and temples, beautiful towers and sharp spiers, perfection of buildings built in the Gothic style, create a sense of magic.

Not surprisingly, many young couples tend to spend a weekend in Prague. A stroll along the river promenade Vlatvy in the evening, enjoy the beauty of the mountain peaks, to breathe clean air beautiful green area - it means to get pleasure.

Prices for holidays in Prague is not higher than in any other European capital. But very few of the initiative of the European Economic Community have acquired the right to the title of European City of Culture.

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