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Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities.
The Czech capital, filled with historical mystery, narrow streets and numerous cafes and restaurants, visited annually by millions of tourists who wish to not only enjoy the beauty of the city, but also to find a comfortable and convenient place to stay.
Guests of Prague, there are several accommodation options: apartments, hotel, hotel or hostel.
Most tourists immediately expelled the last option due to the complete lack of comfort and a variety of household goods. Few people want to sleep in the same room with strangers or in the morning to stand in line at the shower and restroom.
Of the remaining two options, most travelers prefer to stay in Prague, as the cost of rent of apartments well below the level of similar rooms in the hotels in the Czech capital.
For relatively little money, a guest of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe can rent a spacious apartment or a cozy apartment in Prague, where the traveler will feel at home and comfort. Huge plus rental apartments in Prague is the ability to plan your schedule and do not adjust to the schedule of the hotel or the hotel. In addition, all Lessors Prague apartments are equipped with all necessary household items, which in most city hotels do not.
Another undoubted advantage of renting apartments in Prague is the ability to feel the spirit of the medieval town not faceless hotel room, and from conventional homes that are filled with history, tradition and an incredible atmosphere. Just so you can feel and see the real Czech Republic!
Besides wishing to spend their vacation in Prague, can stay at the lowest prices in Europe. Prices for rental apartments depend on the area of ​​the city, the number of rooms and length of residence. Budget tourists can rent an apartment in one of the areas on the outskirts of the city. There are the most economical options. Tourists who can afford to rent more expensive housing can watch variants in the historical center of Prague. Apartment overlooking one of the many attractions will make your stay in Prague magnificent and unforgettable. However, it is worth knowing that a house in the central part of the city are extremely popular, so book in advance it is necessary.

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